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Uggu / Multi Grain Cereal Food

ఉగ్గు తయారు చెయు విధానం

Uggu / Multi Grain Cereal Food is a traditional and healthy Indian food for 6 months to 2 year old kids. It is rich in proteins, vitamins and minerals which are required for a healthy baby during very young age. Generally, this Indian food is fed to kids once they reach to the age of six months in the regions of South India specially, in Telangana and Andhra Pradesh.

Ingredients for preparation of Uggu:

6 cups rice(Biyyam)
2 cups Moong Dal (pesara pappu)
2 cups Urad dal/Black dal (Minapa Pappu)
1/4 cup Toor dal (kandi pappu)
1/4 cup Bengal gram/Chenna dal (senaga pappu)
10 Cashew nuts (jeedi pappu)
10 Almonds (badams)
Salt to the taste
Pure Ghee to the taste

Preparation of Uggu:

Firstly, clean rice, moong dal, urad dal, chenna dal, toor dal (except cashew nuts and almonds) and soak  them in water for four hours.
After that make them dry in cool place til they turn dry.
Then fry them in a pan til they turn into light red colour.
After frying them make dry in cool place until they turn dry.
After that, grind the ingredients like rava.

Depending upon the age of the baby you can choose the size of rava (particles).
Above eight months make it little larger pieces.

How to Cook:

Take spoons depending on the baby's age
For six to eight months baby one spoon of uggu
Above eight months baby two spoons of  uggu

Soak the uggu in water half an hour prior to the cooking.
Then boil two cups of water, once the water boils then pour uggu into the boiled water slowly and mix it thoroughly until it cooks/ becomes slightly thick. Add salt to the taste. Add ghee to the taste.

Cool it and feed the baby.

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