Monday, April 14, 2014

Idiomatic Expressions of Time

Idiomatic Expressions of Time

At times,  means sometimes
At all times, means always

At the eleventh hour- at the latest available time

The arrangement are on the eve of completion, i.e. are almost completed.

To spend time, to pass the time, is to use it up.

To kill time, is to busy oneself in some useless thing, but so as to make the time pass without tediousness.

Time hangs heavy on his hands, i.e. he finds it difficult to use his time.

in no time - in a very short space of time.

make the best of his time - tries to use it to the best advantage.

To take one's time/ take your time - not to be in a hurry.

To bide one's time - to wait patiently for a favorable opportunity

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